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Just because it's winter outside doesn't mean it's time to put away your clubs. Don't let bad weather ruin your day. Play a round indoors and be comfortable, improve your game and have fun.

Simulator golf allows you to play just like you would outside only you won't have to go very far to play your ball! You'll use real golf balls and all the clubs you'd normally use from driver to putter to play your game. You'll take full swings and by the second hole, you'll forget you're not outside. You'll be drawn into the game and into the course you've chosen to play.

Sensors read your swing and give you instant feedback as to swing speed, ball speed, path angle, club face angle, how far you hit, distance to the hole, a visual of the path your ball took reading hooks, slices, draws, fades and more! You'll receive much more feedback than you'll ever receive on an outdoor golf course.